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Bad drive

“The school mourns the irreparable loss of the children.”

I still remember those exact words of my school principal.

“It was 10 at night and a perfect time for two boys to go driving. One boy of 9th grade, no license (of course) rode the car along with his younger brother,grade 6. The younger boy asked the older one to wear his seat belt, to which he refused. The younger boy wore the belt. Unfortunately, the older boy lost his balance and drove straight into the car, and both lost their lives.”

This was what our principal told us. But my friend, who knew the boys’ parents told me the whole truth.

That the older boy died on spot, and that the older boy’s skull was cracked due to which his brain flowed (I don’t know what word to exactly use) out of his skull. And seeing his brother in such a state, the younger boy was so shocked that it affected his hear and brain badly. And he lost his life.


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