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Dear Mom…

Hey everyone! To every intelligent blogger and every  mother out there, A very very happy mother’s day!!

A mother is a not just a woman, she’s a god in disguise, the loving person who brought us to this world and a joyful first best friend and teacher. A someone who is the best chef you know, a someone whose food you can eat even though you have a full tummy. Today, I and my younger brother, teamed up (for the first time we’ve teamed up!) to give our mom the best gift from us. 

Right in the morning, she was talking to her sister about something so she didn’t notice us creeping into the other bedroom and arranging the presents. Then I led her to her surprise and she was delighted for she didn’t know that today is mother’s day!!

And yeah, I’ll upload the photos of the presents after sometime cuz something’s up with the mobile so I’m not able to take the pics…


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