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Golden Sacrifice

I was dying. I felt it. ‘Don’t worry about me. Don’t cry for me. I’ll be alright, just dead though. Don’t worry.’ I said sounding confident, but my words choked my throat. She was holding me in her arms and weeping profusely. I felt limp. It was my heart with an injury. And it was the same injury which was going to make me die. ‘I…I think I’ll die soon, but don’t worry. I love you, and always will.’ I said to her ‘…and that’s if I have an “always.”’ I added, though I meant no cheek.

She suddenly stopped crying, though the tears still clouded her eyes and were threatening to fall. She pulled me up and made me sit. Then she said those words which still haunt me. ‘You’ll not die. I assure you that…’ In her tear-filled eyes, which held great sorrow earlier, I now saw a fire of love and fear. Before I could say another word, she left the room.

Now, I am still living. Still living, though she is not. She, my very own mother, my very loving mother who sacrificed her life, her life and her heart for me…


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