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Be the change you wish to see in this world

I got something inspiring for you here…a short essay authored by me.

The sun rises and the sun sets…many come to this world and many depart from it.  But only the memories of a few remain afresh/etched in our hearts. These are the ones who created a change and unleashed revolutions.

In this long and exhausting race called life, nothing is unvarying except change. Change is the beauty and law of nature. Change is that elixir which keeps our spirit going. Change is what brings color to our lives and it is what adds a thrill to the otherwise monotonous existence.

Change is an essential aspect which mustn’t merely be sought from outside but also be inculcated in our lives.  Unfortunately, we humans are as quick as a rabbit to demand change from others but reluctant to change ourselves. We resist the criticism of others because we feel that a change will curtail our freedom and lifestyle. But a positive change in oneself is a valuable gain rather than a pain. Change must always come from our heart. Self realization is the key to change wherein one realizes his or her fallible deeds and changes it.

It’s only when we come to know ourselves that we come to know others. We can’t demand change in others if we can’t change ourselves. We cannot ask others to become perfect if we are not ready to take a step towards perfection.

In reality, a lot of us have revolutionary thoughts, ideals, ethics and dreams in our heart, but when it comes to application, none of us are ready to sacrifice our freedom for the greater good.

For example, in the simplest matter of plastic bag usage, we find it easy to advice others not to use this harmful pollutant. On the other hand, we are not ready to sacrifice our comfort by not using a plastic bag.

Hence, our feeble words of advice will fade away like writing on water because our words have no value if we do not follow them. As a stark contrast, I am reminded of a story of an insightful young woman.

When all the people around her used the poor as a stepping stone on their way to reach their success, this woman thought why not I protect them? When all the people around her wanted to be served, she thought why not I serve them. When all the people around her detested the underprivileged and unhealthy, she thought why can I not take care of them?

This pathbreaking young woman was none other than Mother Teresa. Her significant change of thought made her a ray of hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak and voice for the depressed.

As another example, I present my father’s exemplary behavior. My father used to advice me, my mom and my brother to exercise regularly and practice yoga for the wellness of our body and mind. But we did not heed his advice. Seeing this, he adopted his own principles and exercised regularly. Observing his self control and determination, we also changed. His determination, self reliance, courage and patience changed a family’s lifestyle.

If one man can change a family, a family can surely change another and we can soon create a positive change in the town, state, country and world.

Any situation or issue around us won’t change unless we are ready to change ourselves.  Doing what we say and practicing what we promise bears a remarkable impact on others. Let us pledge not to be fatigued by doing what is right. Let us light a candle rather than cursing darkness.

Everyone has to become an agent of change. Everyone has a spark, an idea to change the world. All we need to have is the courage, self reliance and self discipline. By our one step, we can unite this whole world under our noble cause and extend a hand to a better future.



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So much for some sunlight….

So yeah…yesterday I was getting really bored and I felt like I needed some actual exercise (till yesterday, walks from the couch till the fridge are counted as exercise to me)…But I didn’t WANT to get out of my home.

I really didn’t.

What if I trip and fall while climbing down the stairs? Fracture an arm? Crack my skull? Or worse, what if the neighbors see me falling?! Oh no…

So…like a snail I inhabited the sofa till my mom kicked me out of the home. ‘Get out for some sunshine at least! Always staying indoors like a vampire…’ She tutted.

Vampire.  Me?!

I am more of a witch-person. A Ginny-Weasley-like witch, in fact. I could use the Bat-Bogey Hex right now and show how much of a pure-blood I am…but unfortunately, Hogwarts does’t allow underage witches and wizards to use magic outside school….

Anyway, back to the topic, I went for a walk outside, ended up challenging my brother for a badminton match and is now struggling with a sprained ankle….

~Jazz 😀

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2 Years Young!!

*Drum roll* Hey guys, here I present to you a reason to celebrate….the second birthday of my blog!!
2 Year Anniversary Achievement

That’s right. 2 years. This blog has managed to survive so long is only because each and every reader out there.

So I thank all of you for encouraging me, your support didn’t go waste…I got an A in English exams! 😉

2 years is such a long time. I feel as though it was just yesterday when I wrote my first post…and exploded with joy when I had the first like on it!! I boasted about it to everyone I met and danced like hell!! 😀

Today, I am far from there, yet nowhere near where I want to be…

Anywayz, I just wanted to tell that all you bloggers out there are SUPER AWESOME! Don’t stop believing in yourself, don’t stop writing. I am always there to read your posts!! 😀

Writing is so BEAUTIFUL!! It can help you change the world, touch hearts and create a new world of imagination!!!





An angel


Life is all about PAIN !!

Each night she sleeps
With a wish to wake up
As an angel

An angel who is kind
An angel who helps
An angel who smiles
An angel who heals

She wakes up in the morning
Not as an angel but only human
No, she wasnt an angel

She had no wings
She had no magic
She knew no chants
She had no divine powers

There she stood
Infront of the mirror
Her image smiled
Just with her one smile !

Oh wow!
She was an angel…

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