Peace through war

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The cry of victory vibes floating in the air

The bloody sword was held high

mingling with the anguish screams of innocents on the graves

where their beloved ones lie

Why war, they shout

Oh well, no one pays no attention

We want peace, they yell

Doesn’t this war have a prevention?

People say war is for peace

that through fighting you can have peace

But, the truth is people, you can’t have peace when war rages

you can’t have peace when the scars of war remain behind


You can’t have peace when the newness of war hasn’t lost its shine

Through war peace can’t be found

But no words can soothe the pain of the people

who have lost the loved one

No words can describe the painful silence

as a veil of blood drenched sand lays over it…


Kindness seed

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When people say that the world is safe

When people say this is our home

When people say that everyone is one,

Do they realize that its kindness we want?


The world is safe, except for the battles and wars

The world is our home, not the birds’ or animals’

Everyone is one, yet every one is different

Is kindness just too much to ask

Is kindness not a basic need

Is kindness a form of stupidity


so I shall sow the kindness seed

and prove human folly



Double rainbow

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Sun shines bright,

Heron’s cry

Passing light

Through the rain

Not just a


but a double one

Bows of hue

beauty in hue

a double rainbow..

Green as grass

Blue as sky

Red as the juiciest berries

yellow as sunshine

The sun shines bright

For the double rainbow

The heron’s cry

for the double rainbow…