A war

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With the black land around me

the sounds of bombs and blasts,

The aura of the war time

killed the morning frost


The air, laden with hatred, anger

failed to fill my lungs’ breath

The fear of the people around

mingled and twirled, forming a grave’s wreath


Soldiers battled throughout the day,

leaving behind the family in dismay

Lived without the sight of the daylight

Lived out of  fear, hatred, anger and plight…


The dream of mine

She stood on the cliff of the mountain. She remembered the place so well…After she has been there before…to cherish her dream of climbing the mountain and to become a legend that everyone will want to become. She smiled valiantly. But slowly, her smile dissolved to a frown as she remembered that day’s events…How she slipped and tripped and hung from the cliff, with her partner staring down at her…How she had pleaded for help and how her partner sneered…How her partner mentioned the glory of being the first person up the mountain and how her partner had kicked her…The memory of falling from the cliff was terrible, but was not more terrible than the way she died…She wiped the silver tears falling from her eyes. Her death had surely changed her ambition…

Going green

The people round my place are suddenly shifting to a green place . I dunno why but I think that the late and  less arrival of rain plays,an important part.

Like , there is famous grocer who owns a shop in a famous mall, sold his products in a plastic bag. But suddenly he has shifted  bags made of CORNSTARCH. NO joking.

There are words and printing on the bag. They sat that this cornstarch bag is completely bio degradable  and, if perfectly composted, it will form an essential substance which will make the soil fertile .

The bag looks like  a plastic and has elasticity that in first sight, I thought that it was a new printed plastic bag.

Seriously, it is a great initiative. Wonder if the plastic bag could be eaten? :-p