I’m so happy!! Guess why? *please read!*

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Hey guyyyyyyyyyssssssss! I am just so happy for no reason that I thought I would do this post!! I am feeling so insanely, madly crazily happy that I think my cheek would probably stretch and lose its elasticity due to all the smiling and laughing!😛


Wondering why I am so happy?

Well, that was what I was wondering too!!!

Probably because of the giant freedom I got from the terrible, many problems-causing, very detested and dangerous monster, commonly referred to as exam.

Probably because my birthday is coming. (Yes folks!! The birthday of this soon-going-to-become-extremely-popular-genius’s is coming on 29th Dec! The best part: her usually annoying bro is *secretly* planning a birthday gift (which she already know! *wink wink*😛 ) for her!!)

Well, what more reasons do need to be happy?

So be happy, because I am happy!

If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you cry, you cry alone.


Market. (rhyming)

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The sun dawns and the salesmen set out for another long and exhausting day. Wearing colorful cotton to cover themselves from summer May. Sitting alongside the street, as the dust drifts up. The vendors lay a blanket and open their shop. Bangles, chains, necklaces, anklets, bracelets stacked on the mat. Set in front of them, the men on their mat.Echoes their screams, calling out their goods.Ranging from ornaments, clothing, utensils, jewelry, decorative pieces and foods.

The market, buzzing with people, is noisy and magical. A trip to the market, seriously is fantastical.



Animos #12

Ben. Up, you get, now.’ Cheryl lent a hand to the fallen Animos.
‘Who’s that Ben? Why am I here? Why are you all here? What’s happening over here?!’ one boy chattered.
‘Who’re you all?’ Dena asked him.
‘I’m Ace.’
‘Nova here’
‘Myself Jack’
‘And I’m Ren’
‘Okay, so Ace, I’ll answer all your questions. Firstly, you are an Animos.’ And Dena, Mina and Cheryl combined together and explained what an Animos was, how they’re here, what happened before and why they’re here.
‘Oh. So now I am able to understand all those funny things I was doing!’ Ace exclaimed. ‘I am a monkey Animos!’ he whispered excitedly.
‘So I’m a lion!!’ Jack roared.
‘That means, I’m a…an honey bee.’ Ren said, pulling a quizzical look.
‘I’m a scorpion?!’ Nova yelled.
‘This is a great meeting! A great meeting of uniquely talented Animos!’ Mina yelled over the commotion.
Just then the main door opened and someone crouched inside, carefully, not letting their footsteps heard. But Dena noticed that.
‘Dr Frank!’